Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Undemocratic Democrats

This Democratic race that is shaping up is hilarious to me. I've never seen something so undemocratic in a primary process as these so-called "super delegates." These are delegates to the Democratic National convention who are able to vote for whomever they choose, regardless of how the state/district majority they represent voted. So, according to current Democratic Party rules, the popular vote DOESN'T really count??? I do not want to hear another Democrat gripe about the losing the 2000 presidential election, when they turn around and adopt rules that feng shwee pure democracy far more than our presidential electoral system does. Not all the electors are "super delegates," but many are, and in this close presidential nomination race, their votes will actually matter. What great wisdom on the part of the Democrats that the nomination might actually be close (and not a coronation of Hillary Clinton) and that the vote might actually come down to how these non-democratic "super delegates" decide to vote. Now the Democrats want to have the "super delegates" decide earlier how they want to vote, before the convention, so the injustice of this undemocratic process has blown over by the convention so voters do not become disenfranchised with how much their voices have been muffled and trounced upon by their elitist, undemocratic Democratic party that says 700 high-ups in the Democratic party are more important than the voices of the people.

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