Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's Your Name Again?

The Supreme Court ruled that is is constitutional to require a valid form of identification to vote in an election. Liberals and Democrats are crying foul, as they feel it will restrict lower income voters from voting because of the cost of attaining a valid ID. I applaud this Supreme Court decision. Heaven forbid we are able to tell if people are who they say we are. It's terrible, I know, to have verification that a person is actually a citizen of the United States and is even eligible to vote. It's heartless of me to want to have honest elections, free of voter fraud that is widespread in places where identification is not required. An identification card is like 10 dollars...I think that's a small price to pay in order to make sure people are who they say they are and eliminate voter fraud and make sure that the "one person, one vote" philosophy stays true. The reason Democrats oppose ID requirements is simple: they feel they can get a lot of the illegal immigrant vote. Without ID requirements, they could all vote and help Democrats win elections. Voter fraud is also easier to pull off. I think requiring ID will bring honesty back to the voting process and the person who gets the most votes wins...without any doubt.

Guam? GUAM?

I think this may be unprecedented in our election. Candidates running for office are that desperate for electors to get the nomination that they are actually paying attention to the tiny US territory of Guam. Guam has only 4 delegates, as well as 5 superdelegates, for a grand total of 9 delegates. It's funny how the places that didn't matter before suddenly are important and get attention. I'm curious how important South Dakota will become to the Democrats that normally view it as a "fly over" state as their nomination process drags on. It bothers me when candidates could care less, then when you matter they come and tour the state, pretend they have stories from here, and act like they're neighbors with you. Three cheers for elitism!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Question of the Week: Who Will Win the Presidency in 2008?

Tough question. My gut instinct tells me that John McCain will be our next president, and that's not just wishful thinking on my part. First, he's a fairly moderate person when compared to the far-left Democratic candidates, which would lead me to believe that he would get more votes and thus win the election. Second, John McCain is not having the duel with another candidate like the Democrats are doing right now. Hillary and Obama with be throwing mud at each other until the Democratic convention in August, and McCain won't have much tossed at him until the general election, when he has an opponent that is already battered, worn out, and penniless just from the nomination fight. That being said, it is a LONG way until election day; much can happen. Maybe all three of them will be blown up in an attack on the capitol building when Senate is in session, who knows? Maybe I'll end up being Mr. President.