Thursday, July 31, 2008

Personal Responsibility

Sometimes things are just stated better by other people, so I'm posting this link from the South Dakota Voice blog, which stresses the importance of personal responsibility and how it can better society. If all of us practiced this a lot more, the days of moronic lawsuits would be gone. If we don't, the country as we know it will be no more.

Check it out:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Discrimination on the Left

I love how Republicans/Conservatives are always traditionally the "racist" people in our country. There's always going to be those in our country that will hate someone because of their skin color or because they're different; no amount of government intervention and feel-goodedness will prevent that. Don't you think that breaking down the differences between us and treating everyone as the same in the view of government, which will then trickle down to all corners of society would be an effective way of fighting racist hatred? When the message sent out is that "your skin color doesn't matter," don't you think the bigots of our society MIGHT start to get the message and eventually those thoughts would be bred out of our culture? Reasonable, right? That's how us Conservatives feel, that no race/gender, anybody should recieve special privilege based on race/gender/orientation, whatever it may be...which is why we stongly oppose affirmative action measures. Erasing racial barriers is much more important than creating new and different ones with affirmative action. Affirmative action is something that the liberals/Democrats push strongly for, but my view is that this kind of action just puts more animosity between the races. Take a look at a page on Barack Obama's website (Click Here) that just goes to show how much race used to discriminate in liberal circles. For someone who claims to unite people with common goals and viewpoints, Obama's own site really works hard to catagorize people and point out differences between people. Splitting people up into "interest categories" does not unite people; it makes them think that those specific differences are significant in society. Race/gender/sexual preference/etc. are supposed to be things that don't matter when you look at a person and are trying to decide who they are as a person, so why do liberals continue to break society down and try to put labels on people? We are a United States because we ignore differences and unite behind common goals and attitudes...we can accomplish greater things when we put the minor differences aside and focus on greater and bigger things in the future than dwell on the past injustices of our forefathers; learn the lesson and move on as a new and improved, better society. I'm not going to look at you as a Pacific Islander/Asian American/African American/American Abroad/American with Disabilities/Environmentalist/First American/Kids/Latinos/Labor/LGBT/People of Faith/Student/Veterans/Women like Obama and the liberals will...I will look at you as a person and judge you by your character and what you do. Not what you look like.