Friday, March 28, 2008

Question Of The Week: Democrats For McCain?

According to recent polls, 20% of Democratic voters say they will vote for Senator John McCain if their preferred Democratic nominee does not get the nomination. Do I think they will really do this come election day? I'm sure that will be fairly close to the percentage of Democrats who will vote for McCain, although we're a long way from election day. I think this is mainly due to McCain's appeal to moderate/independent voters. Both of the Democratic nominees are very liberal candidates, moderate Democrats probably see the opposing candidate as more liberal than their preferred candidate. Couple that with John McCain's appeal to more moderate/independent voters, and it makes sense that he would get a large portion of moderate Democrat voters. Some of those may just not vote, particularly the young, impressionable, and passionate Obama voters. Either way, whether it be moderates crossing party lines or refusing to vote, John McCain benefits.

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