Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who Elects These People??

Just another reason for people to pay more attention to elections, otherwise you get people like this in charge:

Doesn't know where Arizona is, but is making policies to boycott the state?

If that weren't entertaining enough, she got a letter from Senator Jon Kyl:

Senator Jon Kyl Instructs Supervisor Peggy West in Geography

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hilarious Headlines


Obama's Stimulus Visit Results in Lost Payday for Construction Workers

A public relations (PR) stunt to promote the failed stimulus--designed to create jobs--ironically resulted in several construction workers missing out on a day's worth of pay. Say they work an eight hour day at $20/hr. That's 160 bucks they missed out on. As a poor college student, I can relate to these blue collar workers who are trying to make ends meet as well and pay their bills. One hundred sixty dollars goes a long way when you're struggling to pay rent, phone, and utility bills! Democrats for the little guy. Riiiiiight....

Ahh, government efficiency at its best. I challenge anybody to find me an example of a private business having issues like this. OBVIOUSLY dead people shouldn't receive pay, but government is usually the kryptonite to common sense. I commend the administration for trying to find ways to be more efficient, but step one in saving money: DON'T SPEND SO MUCH!

Friday, June 4, 2010

What Do Katrina and the Oil Spill Have in Common?

Ok. Regardless of how much you pay attention to the news, I'm pretty sure you're aware the worst oil accident in United States history is going on in the Gulf of Mexico, right?

Many are saying this is Obama's equivalent of George Bush's hurricane Katrina, where there was slow national/federal governmental response to the worse natural disaster in U.S. history. Both presidents, regardless of political affiliation, have been accused of a lax response to a huge disaster.

What has annoyed me, in conservative circles, has been the accusation of Obama of a slow response to the oil spill. Sure, his responses have been lame, such as skipping out on speaking at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day in favor of vacationing in Chicago and getting serenaded by Paul McCartney while the disaster continues--but that's beside the point.

True conservatives, like myself, realize that the national/federal government simply by its nature is inept when dealing with problems, regardless of party. Not to say either Obama/Bush are disingenuous, lazy, or poor leaders; simply the nature of top-down government is inefficient, wrought with red tape and tied in how quickly needed resources get delivered. Local governments know what they need, when they need it, and in what quantities better than anybody. Bobby Gindal is begging for resources, but national governmental red tape delays what is needed and dictates what the locals can do. The same was true post-hurricane Katrina.

Both Gulf Coast situations are less of a statement about leadership, but rather case examples of how smaller government closer to the people is much more effective.