Monday, March 3, 2008

Money Money Money

John McCain has been slow to get large amounts of monetary donations from his supporters. When compared to Clinton and Obama, he hasn't raised much at all. Even so, he's almost certainly secured the nomination of his party without spending nearly the amount his Democratic counterparts have to secure the same status. Each Democrat has much more of their base support than McCain has, as he was not the first choice of conservatives in the Republican party. He has lots of time to earn their support, and once he does the dollars will start flowing in around when the Democrats finally have a nominee. In other words, the Democrats and raising lots of money and spending it also just to get the nomination. Meanwhile, Republicans have not donated in big numbers while trying to find their nominee, which means there are lots of people out there yet to donate. I see McCain raising huge amounts of money in the upcoming months, as he has more time to shore up base support, also known as $$$$$$$. The Democrats, on the other hand, are spending millions just trying to get the nomination, and the base has split their dollars between two candidates, one of which will not go on after the primary season.

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