Thursday, March 13, 2008

How About We Use Democracy To Decide On Money Spent?

Kudos to Jim DeMint (R) of South Carolina. He's going against so many people to do the right thing. He wants to put a one-year moratorium on congressional earmarks. Earmarks are spending taglines in bill for projects that are not attributed to any senator/representative that fund specific projects. These are sneaked in by our leaders to bring dollars to their home state without the measure even being voted on to be added to the bill. We wonder why the dollar is in the toilet, the economy is weak, and the national debt is enourmous? It's because all these little projects all senators/representatives want to bring home to their own state add up VERY QUICKLY. Why should South Dakotans pay taxes to pay for a $200,000 earmark to Ohio to finance their rock and roll hall of fame? Why should we pay taxes to finance a $320 MILLION dollar bridge in Alaska to an island with 50 people living on it. FIFTY PEOPLE!! And that's just ONE EARMARK! Luckily, that "Bridge to Nowhere" earmark was averted, thanks to concerned citizens. But very similar ones get passed everyday, and all those little millions of dollars add up. I hope you all have a grasp of just how much a million dollars is worth, because congress flushes money down the proverbial toilet like you wouldn't believe. And we're just talking millions. Barack Obama has proposed a plan to support foreign countries that would cost a whopping 825 BILLION DOLLARS; essentially just a handout to the United Nations to fund developing countries through ineffective handouts that foster little, if any economic growth. In addition, we have no say in what countries this money goes to. Do you have any idea how much 825 billion dollars is???? And that's in addition to every other pet project and program our already overreaching government spends money on. Pay attention people. And people wonder why we have a massive national debt? It's no surprise to me with such irresponsible congressional spending!

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