Friday, March 7, 2008

Question of the Week: What Factors Should A Candidate Consider When Dropping Out Of A Political Campaign?

Candidates running for office must consider many factors when deciding to drop out of a race or keep plugging along. Candidates definitely have to worry about their financial situation. Campaigning relies heavily on candidate appearances and media attention; both of which are extremely expensive. Without these two factors, a candidacy is almost certainly kaput. Candidates often need to face the math that they're up against, too. Momentum of their opponents is often so incredible and they are behind by so much it's nearly impossible to come back and win. Candidates should keep in mind the opportunity costs involved in staying in a campaign. If they're losing a presidential campaign but enjoy bountiful support back home, the candidate may be better off running against an incumbent in the opposing party for, say, a senate seat. Candidates have to keep in mind the vitality of the party in situations like this, and if the writing is on the wall that they're just not the candidate people want, candidates should do what they can to help their party out, whether it be running for another office or helping with grassroots efforts.

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