Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Things You'll Never See at a Tea Party Rally

Occupy Wall Street is just another example of who the real extremists are. If you can find any examples of these things at a "extremist" Tea Party rally, I'll give you $20 bucks. I'd offer more, but unlike the protesters, I'm not complaining and instead working my butt off to get rid of my student loans and trying to become one of the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

10) Protesters wanting to steal more from the wealthy while stealing from each other. (Occupy Wall Street).
9) Heroin sales (Occupy Boston).
8) Sexual assaults (Occupy Cleavland) (Occupy Dallas)
7) Arrests (Occupy Oakland)
6) Riot Gear (Occupy San Diego)
5) Ummm?

4) Pepper Spray (Occupy Wall Street)
3) Blaming Jews for the country's problems

2) Support from former KKK leaders.
1) Losing your public protest permit because of allegations of public masterbation (Occupy Madison).

I think this guy satirically makes my point. None of the above things happen at Tea Party events because it is a peaceful protest of disgust with too much government as opposed to chaotic begging for more free stuff from government.

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