Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TEA is Temperate

I think it's laughable each time Tea Party people are classified as racist/haters/extremists. Here's a video clip of some hippies that showed up to crash and protest a Tea Party event.
Listen to the "divisive" and "hateful" speech at the rally........but notice who the foul language is coming from. Not the Tea Party people. If chants of "one term president, one term president" and "vote him out, vote him out" are racist, hateful, and extreme comments, well I guess I'm a bad person. And "F#*k, all y'all" must be an inclusive, bipartisan chant that brings Americans closer together.

My point is that the Tea Party has this false stigma attached to it. I challenge any of my hippie friends to attend a Tea Party event. It's a far cry from a violent, hateful protest. I've been to several, and a little granny with a "Taxed Enough Already" sign is hardly violent, threatening, or divisive. I'll reciprocate and even go with you to some left-wing protest or union rally. I just hope I don't get beat up or shot or something. (I have a friend who got chased by some union guys). Here's a montage:

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