Friday, June 18, 2010

Hilarious Headlines


Obama's Stimulus Visit Results in Lost Payday for Construction Workers

A public relations (PR) stunt to promote the failed stimulus--designed to create jobs--ironically resulted in several construction workers missing out on a day's worth of pay. Say they work an eight hour day at $20/hr. That's 160 bucks they missed out on. As a poor college student, I can relate to these blue collar workers who are trying to make ends meet as well and pay their bills. One hundred sixty dollars goes a long way when you're struggling to pay rent, phone, and utility bills! Democrats for the little guy. Riiiiiight....

Ahh, government efficiency at its best. I challenge anybody to find me an example of a private business having issues like this. OBVIOUSLY dead people shouldn't receive pay, but government is usually the kryptonite to common sense. I commend the administration for trying to find ways to be more efficient, but step one in saving money: DON'T SPEND SO MUCH!

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