Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Not a Principled Fight"

This is how radical our leaders in Washington are now...they believe they are so superior to everyone else in intellect that they do not even have to fight fair to get a single-payer health care system here in the United States. Because we know politicians are experts on health care and providers and insurance companies know nothing. I can't wait to stay get in line for a year before I can receive triple bypass surgery. Receiving that care the very next day after diagnosis in our current system rather than dying waiting in line is just tragic... To remedy the increased demand for "free" health care, the government would be in charge of rationing who gets care and who gets thrown on the waiting list, based on perceived need. Just watch this clip and see how extreme things have become, that the powers that be are willing to give the ax to the private health care industry in favor of pursuing a public payer experiment, which has failed in Canada and Great Britain:

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