Friday, May 1, 2009

I Can't Believe This...Hippies

And these are the liberal "progressive" people in charge of the country right now. Yes, it was on John Stewart, but these are real people at a real place saying what they really think. Pay attention to the part where they don't believe military personnel are entitled to the same rights as the rest of us...that's real inclusive and open-minded and progressive!

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Marines in Berkeley
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scbegley said...

Oh....that's beautiful. Because, everyone knows that military forces are really just mass murderers. It's not like any of them have ideaologies or personalities.....

This is why we need to just annex Berkeley.....all I'm gonna say....

Patrick said...

These people are in charge of the country? What country do you live in Brandon?

Brandon said...

The politicians word their support of these kinds of things much more coyly, yet their actions reflect the same thinking. San Francisco banned military recruiters from its schools, as well as declined a battleship memorial that was offered to the city by the military.

Check out my new post as well...another example dealing with health care. Remember the girl in the clip that didn't feel that military personnel's rights were on the same level as everyone else's? The representative mentions that she's willing to ax the private health care industry to fit her vision of utopia and ignores the effects on others, because her vision is supposedly superior and enlightened. Just like the code pink protesters.