Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Little Known Truth About Phelps

My hat goes off to Michael Phelps. Shattering world records left and right, he crawled his way into Olympic history in an incredible way. Not only as an individual, but as a team as well...winning more gold medals in one Olympic games and more than anyone else has...ever.

Now with such a feat on the records, you know people will come out saying (as they already are), that such a machine is surely under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs. No, I'm not talking about Viagra, (which would most likely slow you down in the water, but I digress). I mean steroids and whatnot. Let me just throw a little wrench in the thought that Phelps is artificially great because of some drugs he's on.

Phelps VOLUNTEERED for extra rounds of drug testing (story here), including new and experimental tests for different drugs that were previously undetectable. Phelps signed up for a program that requires you to pee naked in front of officials to be sure there are no faked results. This was all part of a program called Project Believe, (click here for details) which tries to bring back trust by proving athletes are "clean" rather than that they are "dirty" via volunteer testing and above-and-beyond methods of testing.

Now I ask you: if Phelps were doping, why would he sign up for extra tests and increase his chances of being caught? Only someone with nothing to hide would subject himself to extra scrutiny voluntarily. Michael Phelps is a true champion, and one that other athletes should look to as an example. Bravo good sir, hope you don't hurt your neck with all those medals around it, the London games are only four years away!

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