Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homeless Hassled?

As you may have heard, at the Democratic convention they will be moving the homeless in an effort to make Denver look better during the convention later in August. I personally find this atrocious...the homeless will be put in shelters and given huge plasma TVs in order to watch the convention and I guess the intention is to get their votes by showing them who it was that gave them use of a ginormous TV for a couple of days. I'm not a fan of treating the homeless like dogs and rounding them up (see Germany, 1939) and giving them the proverbial gourmet dinner of Kibbles 'N' Bits to hush up the issue of homelessness in downtown Denver and other liberal parts of the country. I've noticed a pattern in all the places I've been in the country...the more liberal the city, the more homeless I see on the streets. Coincidence? Maybe. On a side note, I was in St. Paul over the weekend training as a volunteer for the Republican National Convention and was talking to some of the locals. One guy let me know that directly across from the Excel Energy Center is a large homeless shelter, and that the RNC has noted that none of Minneapolis' homeless will be relocated for their convention.

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