Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What If Iraq Ends Up In The Win Column?


For the first time in American history, a political party's success explicitly depends on our failure in a war. Should Iraq become a complete success and it turns out President George W. Bush was right in promoting democracy in that part of the world (all weapons of mass destruction aside), the Democratic party and its leaders will lose a huge amount of support. The leaders of the party have openly declared defeat in Iraq (see: Harry Reid, D-NV) whilst our troops are in harm's way and continue to fight for success in Iraq. All this while General Petraeus tells us today that things are dramatically improving in that country! I see many, many Democrats getting voted out of office once we win in Iraq. They declare defeat and then we end up winning, which we are starting to now and granting freedom to an entire nation? That is a huge blow to their credibility and they will lose a lot of support in the future if Iraq ends up in the win column.

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