Monday, April 28, 2008

Pouring Gas On A Fire

As if the Reverend Wright controversy was not big enough already. Wright is now going around the country refuting the things Obama said to distance himself from Wright. I'm particularly fond of Wright's comment that "Obama didn't distance himself" but "did what politicians do." That comment could hurt Obama a lot, particularly in a campaign that's pushing for "C@&*^%." (I'm so sick of hearing that meaningless campaign catchword from a campaign that will return us to the failed policies of the 50s/60s that I am now going to censor the word change in all of my posts from now on) Obama's campaign also claims that it is "not politics as usual," but here is Wright saying that Obama is "doing what politicians do". The more we hear from Wright about Obama, the more his campaign seems sounds like the same-old same-old.

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