Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Race and Politics


Race has been being talked about a lot lately in the Democratic presidential race. Both Clinton and Obama are fighting for the "Black Vote", as most of the media always puts it. I think it's very ironic how the media keeps saying how racial discrimination is still a problem in America, yet they are one of the most prominent sources of racial discrimination. Two candidates are fighting for votes from a group of people based on the color of their skin. Am I the only one that sees the irony of this? When are we going to see people as people and not make skin color an issue at all? When they ask me on standardized tests and forms for my race, I fill in the "prefer not to disclose" bubble, because race just doesn't matter!

I think it's also quite ironic how the Democratic party is the "party of equality and civil rights", yet they are fighting for the "black vote", or in other words whoever gives more to the African American community (race), they receive these votes. How is this equality? When a candidate promises more benefits from affirmative action and things like that which give special benefits based on one's race or gender, how does that work towards equality? All people are the same, so they should be treated that way.

I don't care if someone is black or white, male or female, rich or poor, gay or straight, fat or skinny, blond or redhead, young or old. I care about the person. Disadvantaged neighborhoods shouldn't be looked at as "mostly African American", they should be looked at as strictly disadvantaged and helped out accordingly...why is race an issue? The issue is the problems these people are facing, not the color of their skin. A poor person is a poor person, regardless of color.

Fighting for "black votes" sends a dangerous message: that one is still looked at for the color of their skin, and I think our society would get along much better if race became less of an issue in campaigns. I don't see why Republicans are seen as the party that "hates black people", when all it really pushes for is giving everyone the same treatment, regardless of color. Sure there are some actual racist Republicans, but there are plenty racist Democrats as well. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt of a "colorblind society", and how can we have that as we apply "black" and "white" and "red" and "yellow" to so many situations?

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