Friday, January 25, 2008

Extra-curriculars in the White House?

As serious as politics are, I love some of the humor that comes out of campaigns as well, things like Al Gore inventing the calculator as well as the internet and so forth. Mitt Romeny had a great remark when he said: "The idea of Bill Clinton back in the White House with nothing to do is something I can’t imagine." And he probably has a hilariously good point. If Bill Clinton, as the leader of the free world and all the work that entails, participated in naughty extra-curricular activities, what's going to happen if his wife is off doing all the hard work and he gets to kick back and "relax"? Granted, the first person does a lot of work, but when compared to the president? Not a ton of work or pressure, that's for sure.

As funny as this story is, it seemed more attention was given to this stuff than what the candidates actually stated about the campaign. The main point of the article was that Hillary Clinton was going to jack up taxes and that she's weak on Iraq; things I knew anyway. The actual story did not give any more details than the headline already stated and resorted to talking about the funny lines the politicians had. There were few actual issues and issue debates reported in this article, which is a shame. I missed the debate, and would have liked to known more information aside from hilarious political sniping, as funny as it is.

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