Monday, February 1, 2010

Perhaps Isurance Is Part of the Problem?

John Stossel opines on one aspect of the health care debate in this video.

Getting the third party, insurance companies, involved with low deductibles that will cover every health care whim creates a system where the free market is not allowed to work, because nobody knows what the prices are, nor are there any incentives to lower costs.


caheidelberger said...

Brandon, I could go for a ban on private health insurance. Create a real free market. make it possible for patients to effectivly price and comparison-shop for medical services. If you can create a genuine free market in health care, you might actually solve some problems.

But call me when you figure out how expecting parents rushed to the hospital after a car accident, floating in and out of consciousness, are supposed to behave like rational market actors.

Ultimately, health care is not a free market commodity. It's a human right.

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