Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hilarious Headline

I saw this headline, and couldn't help but laugh:

"Trimming the budget???" If by trim the budget you mean quadruple it first, then promise to cut it in half, then sure...

*From the Huron Daily Plainsman


-FEISTY said...

Notice how they trim the budget by $7 billion. Well, that will sure make a dent in $3.6 trillion! haha

alkropuenske said...

I love how Conservatives, when talking about our current budget issues, completely leave out that we wouldn't have had to spend so much $ if George W hadn't f'd up our economy so badly...just saying

Brandon said...

I have stated this many times before...George W Bush's spending habits made me VERY upset.

Deficit spending removes government accountability from the people.

Americans are no longer asked to make any sacrifice for the spending practices of the government. Whether it be deficit spending for Iraq/Afghanistan or massive government-provided healthcare...citizens just don't care because it doesn't hit them in their most important area...their wallets. Without that sacrifice, government is able to do whatever it wants without responsibility to the people.

I would support a measure that requires the government to fund all of its activities, because it would make people care what the government is doing because it affects them personally, because they are asked to give up some of their money to pay for it.

-FEISTY said...

Well if you are upset about Bush's spending, you should be REALLY upset about Obama's. The first budget submitted by President Bush was $2.0 trillion. His last budget submitted in 2008 was $3.10 trillion. He never raised the budget from the previous year by more than $300 billion. Obama's first budget was $3.6 trillion. That is an increase of $500 billion from the last Bush budget. This means that Obama already spent $200 billion more in a single year than Bush ever did.

I can't imagine what Obama's final budget will look like, and how much it's going to increase over the next few years.

I agree with Brandon that Bush spent irresponsibly, but Obama is taking irresponsible to a whole new level.