Thursday, January 8, 2009

Al Franken: Liar, Cheater, Crook...And I Proved It

So Minnesota is about to elect a lying left-wing crook to the United States Sentate, and it only took me 45 seconds to prove it.

For those of you who don't know, Al Franken is a former writer for Saturday Night Live who also tried to make a living as a far-left liberal talk show host, and now he is on the verge of defeating Norm Coleman for one of Minnesota's Senate seats. He's a carpetbagger politician who moved to Minnesota just for this race and still maintains residency in New York. Anyway, back to my analysis.

I was on YouTube one day, most likely watching "Charlie Bit My Finger" over and over again, and on the suggested videos tab on the side, I saw a video entitled "Al Franken: Where Rush Limbaugh Gets His Facts From." I hear criticism of Franken all the time by conservative commentators, but I try to be a fair-minded guy and wanted to hear what Franken had to say. It's a short 1 minute clip.

Click here to watch it, then continue reading...

The whole premise of Al Franken's argument was that Rush Limbaugh is a fat liar who pulls facts out of his butt and has no credibility because he's a stupid conservative. He challenged Rush's claim that almost all people making the minimum wage are either high schoolers or young people in their first jobs that are most likely still dependent upon parents. In other words, Rush was saying that people are much better off than the minimum wage anyway and that America isn't as terrible as liberals would like you to believe.

Franken goes on to mock Rush by saying that he's much smarter because Franken gets his facts from a little place called the "Bureau of Labor Statistics".

So I said touche Mr. Franken, I'll go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (click here).

Then I scrolled over the "pay and benefits tab"...then moved over to"earnings by demographics"...scrolled down to "Earnings by Demographics" and clicked on the 2007 tab, which is the most recent year they had. It then pulled up this 91-page document. I then searched the document for "minimum wage", and low and behold, this was my second search result:

"Hourly paid workers aged 16 to 19 were the most likely
to have earnings at or below the minimum wage. Seven
percent of teenage workers earned the prevailing Federal
minimum wage or less, compared with just 1.5 percent of
hourly paid workers aged 25 and older. Among those aged
20 to 24, about 4 percent had earnings at or below the
minimum wage. (See table 11.)" (Click here to view the document)
In other words, Rush Limbaugh was absolutely correct in his observation of who exactly the people most likely to be minimum wage earners are, while Mr. Franken just got run in with his own source. And mind you it literally took me 3 clicks and 45 seconds to disprove what Franken said.

What's my point? If little old me, Brandon, can just randomly be on YouTube, watch a random clip of Al Franken, and off-handedly go and try to catch him lying and do so in 45 seconds, I think it's pretty safe to say he's a bigger liar than most people realize. And now he might (there will be lawsuits for months by the Coleman campaign) be an actual United States Senator, making decisions that affect you and me. Thanks Minnesota, mission accomplished.

On a side note, Al Franken does do a great Rush Limbaugh impression, I'll give him that.

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You really didn't prove anything... nice try but keep it up...